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The information of the history the Rosman Rescue Squad and the Rosman Fire Department, now known as Rosman Fire Rescue has been gathered from present and past members of the departments.

October 23, 1961 was the date Rosman Rescue Squad was formed. It was planned and formed by a group of residents from the community. The group was led by a well known citizen named Don Butler, who was known by friends and family as “Donald Lee”. The squad was formed purely out of a need since the closest medical help was in Brevard, from Transylvania Community Hospital. Back in those days, all transports to the hospital were done by the local funeral home. As bad as it may sound, because of extended response times, it was almost adequate that they transported. The citizens of Rosman had an answer and formed the first Rescue Squad in Transylvania County, this was Transylvania County Unit 1 later, which became Rosman Rescue Squad.

The first vehicle the department acquired was a 1953 Pontiac from Moore Funeral Home for $150.00. It was quite ironic that the vehicle that sometimes didn’t arrive fast enough was going to become a vehicle of help. Civil Defense, also helped in the beginning with donations of 2 Jeeps, a 1953 International Panel Truck and a 1952 Weapons carrier. These vehicles were actually on loan from Civil Defense but then were permanently left in place. After the squad was established and in place, it was then decided that Rosman needed a fire department.

Rosman Fire Department was formed April 1, 1963 by the same group of community members. The first chief was “Donald Lee”. Once again the department formed out of a need in the community. Again if a fire broke out the closest help was from Brevard. The first truck bought for the department was a 1950 Dodge Pumper equipped with a 750 gallon tank, 150’ booster reel and 100’ 1,1/2 cotton jacket hose. It was purchased from a department in New Jersey. Two of the founding members drove to New Jersey to pick it up. In 1965, a 2,1/2 ton International Tanker was purchased from Blue Ridge in Hendersonville. In 1972, a Chevrolet Chassis was purchased to replace the 1950 Dodge Truck Chassis. Another tanker was purchased in 1974 on a Chevrolet Chassis.

In the early days of both departments, communications for calls were quite different. Back then, all emergency calls came in through Brevard Police Department. Once a call came in the operator then called the Chief at home. Once the call was taken, the information was wrote on a large board on the front porch of the Chief’s home. The Chief would go to the department and start the siren. Once members heard the siren they, would drive by the chiefs home, read the information and respond to the call. Some of the members had CB radios and were able to communicate with each other. Through the years alot of changes were put in place. The Rescue Squad and Fire Department were both supported with fund raisers held by the Lady’s Auxiliary.

In 1970, Transylvania County installed the first communications system. It operated on the Lo Band Frequency of 39.10. It made communications and dispatching a much easier task. Bringing in the communications system helped to speed up response times and get the citizens the help they needed. In 1974, Rosman acquired it’s own high band frequencies for their communications system. That frequency is still in use today now, known as TAC 6 (Rosman Fire.) January 1, 1993 Transylvania County switched all communications over to High Band and built a communications center. Down through the years, alot of members and vehicles have come and gone but the integrity and willingness of the department and its members have remained true. In April of 2004, Rosman Rescue Squad and Rosman Fire Department joined forces to become one department known as Rosman Fire Rescue.

What started in a small community in Transylvania County with a need, has grown to what is now a respected department in the county. You can rest assured that when the tones go off for Station 6 we respond any time, day or night, and as our jackets say, Fearless and Faithful, that we are to our community.


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