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Rosman Fire Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer organization that provides fire and rescue services within a 68 square mile portion of Transylvania County. Rosman Fire Rescue specializes in structural fire safety, wild land fire safety, wilderness search and rescue, farm-related incidents, vehicle extrication, swift water/flood rescue, and medical first-responder services.

Our Mission

It shall be the mission of the Rosman Fire Rescue, Inc. Rosman Fire Rescue Patch to protect the lives, property and environment of the citizens and visitors of Rosman and its neighboring communities.

This mission is accomplished through vigilant training, aggressive fire prevention education, personal and professional development of our volunteers, strong moral character, pride and teamwork.

We shall continue to provide the highest quality of service that our community deserves.

Our Vision

Rosman Fire Rescue, Inc. is focused on providing dedicated service in carrying out its intended mission. We will continue to maintain the highest level of emergency service through ongoing recruitment, training and education while striving to be on the cutting edge of fire suppression, rescue services, fire prevention and medical response.

Burning Permit

You need a permit from the North Carolina Division of Forest Resources or local government before you can burn, even for allowable purposes. However, such permits do not excuse a person from following the state’s open burning rules.

Get more Information and get your permit online.

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